"These are the best soy candles in the world, I have tried others only to have them tunnel down after a couple of burns whereas Robinz Soy Candles burn clean all the way to the end. I'll never buy any other soy candle." Judy Taylor, January 2011

Why Soy Candles

What's all the fuss you wonder? Why a soy candle and not a wax candle?

When you burn a candle, you are burning the ingredients that comprised that candle and filling the air with them. Our soy candles are made from soy grown by American farmers.  No petroleum products, no carcinogens, biodegradable, just soy wax candle products, produced by American farmers. We do not add artificial colors and our fragrances are natural essential oils.  Phthalate Free Our wicks are lead free cotton wicks. - Made in USA